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Financial Transparency and Business Intelligence

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More than 200 governments in over 30 states use OpenGov to access, analyze, and share financial data. OpenGov's web-based platform empowers senior executives to see trends, drill down to transaction-level details, and compare actual spending to the budget. It also enables governments to share the financial data with elected officials and the public to improve communication and build trust.

Access and Understand Your Data

Instantly access your financial data on the Web and see exactly how money flows through the organization. The OpenGov Platform brings the data to life in a way that empowers administrators and educates citizens.

Increase Internal Efficiencies

With current year and historical financial information readily available, government staff save hundreds of hours in gathering, formatting, and reporting data. Policy-makers have the information they need to foster insights and improve decisions.

Build Trust and Engagement with Constituents

OpenGov offers the most intuitive way to share financial data with key stakeholders, including citizens. Constituents will see where revenues derive from, how the funds are distributed, and the goods and services provided for the community.

Trusted by more than 200 governments in over 30 states.

"The OpenGov Platform allows our staff and citizens to see our budget in ways never before possible."
John Adams, Finance Director at Thousand Oaks, CA
"Springfield’s OpenGov site takes a giant leap forward at creating transparency for our taxpayers."
William D. McCarty, Budget Director City of Springfield, IL
"It takes transparency and decision-making to a new level."
Lalo Perez, Administrative Services Director at Palo Alto, CA

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Getting started is straightforward.

No Integrations

No integrations, implementations, or installations. Give your IT staff a break!

Minimal Staff Time

Send us financial information in an exported CSV or Excel file. We have most sites ready within a week.

System Agnostic

We work with data from any financial system—from SAP to Quickbooks.

First-class Support

We build software specifically for government and our team of government finance veterans will help you along the way.
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