Los Angeles, CA

Promotes Financial Understanding.

To improve accountability and transparency, Los Angeles now publishes and visualizes its complete budget for the world to see.

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Palo Alto, CA

Builds Trust and Engagement.

The OpenGov Platform enables officials and citizens to understand, analyze, and share budget data.

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Springfield, IL

Tracks Current Year Expenses and Revenue.

Springfield monitors historical and year-to-date data to improve decision-making.

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New Haven, CT

Advances Government Finance.

New Haven brings the budget to life with multi-year trends and the capability to drill-down to object-level details.

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“The trust this builds in our community is priceless.”

- James Keene, City Manager at Palo Alto, CA

Instantly Access Information.

Administrators and citizens can now interact with government financial information from anywhere at any time.

Promote Financial Understanding.

Navigate revenues and expenses with ease, whether viewing multi-year trends or drilling into the data to see object-level details.

Leverage Cloud Technology.

Turn complicated outputs from any accounting system into easy-to-use visualizations, and generate detailed reports for elected officials and department heads in just a few clicks.

“The OpenGov Platform allows our staff and citizens to see our budget in ways never before possible.”

- John Adams, Finance Director at Thousand Oaks, CA

“With the OpenGov Platform, our citizens can see exactly where their money is being spent with the click of a button.”

- Matt Pressey, Finance Director at Salinas, CA

Easy Set Up

No integrations, implementations, or installations. Give your IT staff a break!


Send us your financial information in an exported CSV or Excel file. We have most sites ready within a week.

System Agnostic

We work with data from any financial system—from SAP to Quickbooks.

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